Hammer Time: Adding Curve to My Enamel Earrings

I’ve been having fun in the studio breaking in my newest tool - my dapping block and punch set. I use the dapping block to lightly dome my tiny drop and big drop enamel earrings to give them a little more dimension and interest. Today I’ll take you through the steps I use to add a little curve to my earrings. 

Big Drop Enamel Earrings in Two Blues.

Step 1: Get out your dapping block and punches and select a appropriately sized hole in the dapping block that your piece will fit in. The smaller the diameter of the hole, the more domed your piece will become. I use the largest hole, since I just want a slight curve for my tiny drop earrings.

Step 2: Select a punch that fits in the hole in the dapping block. You want a snug fit so you’ll get an even curve to your copper piece.

Step 3: Hammer the punch to shape your piece. Just a few taps should do.

Step 4: Remove your domed piece from the dapping block and it’s ready to be enameled.