Add a Splash of Color to Your Life
with Colorful, Unique Kiln-fired Enamel Jewelry.

Each piece of Iris Willow enamel jewelry is unique and handcrafted with love and care for you in her studio in the Mission district of San Francisco. Iris Willow Enamel Jewelry makes a great special occasion or holiday gift for yourself or a loved one. Iris includes hand-written gift notes if requested at checkout with each jewelry order to add a personalized touch to your gift.

Jewelry Features Unique Process
Combining Colored Glass Enamel + Copper.

Iris Willow jewelry begins as copper metal that she cuts, shapes, files, drills with holes and cleans before applying glass enamel to it to give it its lush color. Iris applies the powdered glass enamel by sifting it onto the surface and then fuses it to the copper by kiln-firing the piece at a toasty 1500°. She then repeats this process on the reverse to fuse a layer of glass enamel to each side of the jewelry for a smooth feel of the jewelry on your skin. She often applies additional layers of enamel to achieve the perfect color combination to compliment you. Her earrings are completed with sterling silver ear wires so only sterling silver touches your skin. The necklaces are finished with sterling silver or gold-filled chains.