Chillin' last weekend & Patchwork - Oakland next weekend

I had a fun time selling my jewelry at the Chillin' show last weekend at the Mezzanine. I had a little trouble during set-up, when my entire table toppled over and I'm not entirely sure why (possibly the risers - it was only my second time using them). Anyway, after I got it righted and collected all my jewelry and set it up again, I was ready to roll. You can see my table in the photo below.

I was located upstairs, which was nice since it was away from the crowds and allowed for a more intimate shopping experience. I got to chat with quite a few interesting folks and even got a chance to check out all the artwork displayed at this show. 

I was excited that my new line of chevron necklaces did so well at this show. It's always fun to see a new design find a loving new home. 

Next Sunday I'll be selling my enamel jewelry at Patchwork in Oakland. I'm excited to do my first show ever in Oakland. It'll be a Jack London Square from 11 to 5pm on Sunday, October 25th. plus it's FREE. I'll be in booth SS.

I'm currently working on a new backdrop for my show display to hold my new laser engraved sign I just had made. Come by and let me know what you think. Hope to see you there next weekend.